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Od: frontier (x) - Čtvrtek, 10.04. 2014 - 09:29:10
The signals were near

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the standard 37.5 kHz frequency used by the recorders, a frequency chosen to

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limit the possibility that it would be confused with other ocean noises, officials said.

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They were detected along the missing plane's estimated flight path,

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which was calculated based on its direction and fuel capacity and which has helped narrow the search area."With the acoustic events that we're getting in the area,

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we are encouraged that we're very close to where we need to be," Houston said. "

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This is quite an extraordinary set of circumstances that we're now in a very well-defined search area,

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which hopefully will eventually yield the information that we need to say MH370 might have entered the water just here."

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On Saturday, a Chinese ship reported that it detected a single pulse signal more than 300 miles farther south, also near the most recently projected flight path.

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Houston said the distance between the two reports made it unlikely the Chinese ship and Australian vessel detected the same signal,

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but added "in deep water, funny things happen with acoustic signals."

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Officials have said that, without wreckage, the odds of finding the plane would be slim.For now,

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the pulse signals are the most promising leads, said Houston, who cautioned that he was not certain that they were from the plane."

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What I'd like to see now is us find some wreckage because that will basically help solve the mystery," Houston said. "

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Without wreckage, we can't say it's definitely here."Next stepsOceanographers note that the ocean is full of sounds that may include whale calls

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and locator signals emitted by research equipment left on the bottom. While the frequency used by the black box signals is intended to be unique, it can still be confused with other ocean sounds, they note."

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Unlike in air, where sound travels in a straight line, acoustic energy -- sound through the water -- is greatly affected by temperature, pressure and salinity,"

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said Peter Leavy, commander of the military task force conducting the search. "

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And that has the effect of attenuating, bending -- sometimes through 90 degrees -- sound waves.

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So it is quite possible and very hard to predict -- it's quite possible for sound to

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travel great distances laterally but be very difficult to hear near the surface of the ocean, for instance."

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On Monday, U.S. Navy Commander William Marks

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told CNN from the search operation that the failure of Ocean Shield's pinger locator

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to find the signals again -- more than a day since

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the last reception sparked optimism --

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had led him to become "more and more cautious."

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